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"Clark" - Mac Alsfeld

At the age of 26, Mac Alsfeld has been in the film industry for over 11 years and has worked on over 35 films as a “cast assistant.” He's assisted and studied under legendary talents like Alan Arkin, Jonah Hill, and Kevin Costner. He is the nephew of Academy-Award Nominated Actress, Patricia Clarkson. Alsfeld is also part of the comedy screenwriting trio, Abby Normal. He, along with Megison and Ward, started Louisiana's only, LSU-broadcasted sketch comedy show, Sketchmo. Alsfeld and Megison wrote "Father-Like Son." This is his directorial debut. 

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 "Dan" - Andrew Megison

Andrew Megison broke onto the scene with his phenomenal portrayal of such uncredited characters as "partygoer" and "passerby" in Van Helsing. It wasn't until "Father-Like Son" that he landed the breakout lead role of "Dan," in the script that he co-wrote. Andrew's history with comedy ranges back to the sketch-comedy show, "Sketchmo." He has written numerous screenplays under the Abby Normal umbrella. Andrew is currently splitting his time in dental school, on the path to become an oral surgeon/comedy screenwriter.

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"Helen" - Ramona Tyler

Ramona hails from New Orleans, but moved to NYC where she landed a few “gigs” that helped pay the rent and allowed her to perform in a number of off, off, off broadway plays. Ramona played a high school tramp named "Lisa Simms" on All My Children, then formed a production company with her boyfriend (now husband) and produced/acted in plays, most notably - A Particular Class of Women. Ramona then moved back to New Orleans for a television audition that she landed as the host of a weekly show called, Healthy Lifestyles, which airs on the news-WWL...very early in the morning. She's also been featured in major motion pictures, such as, The Campaign and The Virginity Hit. In Father-Like Son, she plays the broken and delusional, "Helen." Ramona provides much of the heart to the story.

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"Emily" - Molly Conarro

Molly Conarro grew up acting, writing and performing in Baton Rouge. She's worked in many facets of production as a playwright, director, designer and award-winning actress. Most recently, she was a writer, deviser, and actor for the new original theater performance, Children in the Dark (CITD) for New Orleans based company, Neutral Ground Ensemble. During Father-Like Son’s intense days of filming, between 5-15 pages, Conarro was doubling efforts, rehearsing each night in Baton Rouge for CITD. Shortly after, taking the play to the Politheatrics Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina. Conarro was a member of the Renegade Shakespeare Company, appearing in BALPrelude to a Kiss, The Winter's Tale, and John Guare’s newest play, A Free Man of Color. She made her directorial debut with the play Smoking Lesson by Julia Jordan. Smoking Lesson won multiple awards, including Best Set Design, Best Actor (male lead), and Best Lab Show for the 2011-2012 LSU Lab Season.

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 "Hunter" - Grayson Ward

Grayson, 26, is from Baton Rouge and currently lives in uptown New Orleans with not one but two flat screen TV's. He attended LSU and loves to cheer the tigers to victory on the field and more importantly... in the classroom. In addition to playing "Hunter," Grayson also helped to produce "Father-Like Son" and was a member of the sketch comedy show, "Sketchmo." He is a writer for Abby Normal Pictures and works in the film industry. Dedicated to comedy, Grayson just wants to tickle you and make you laugh.

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 "Noah" - Chad Zibilich

Chad Zibilich, 25, hails from Metairie, LA. He attended LSU, then left to join the United States Marine Corps. Currently, he lives in San Diego, where he's on active duty. Chad works on F-18 fighter jet electronics and advanced weapon systems. He was deployed to Iwakuni, Japan in order to protect and defend the Western Hemisphere from possible North Korean threats and advances. In his free time, Chad is currently attending Columbia College, working towards an AA in Computer Information Sciences. He enjoys watching America's Next Top Model and Jersey Shore and is a bit of a diva. "I love to watch reality TV stars start drama," Chad reiterates. 


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"Crystal" - Jennie Kamin

Jennie Kamin grew up in Houston, Texas where acting came second nature. Some of Jennie Kamin's recent credits include SYFY Channel's American Horror House with Morgan Fairchild and Roswell FM with Brendan Fehr. She also just wrapped the feature film, Artists Die Best in Black, in Biloxi, Mississippi with Malcolm McDowell, in which she played the role of ‘Connie Lee.' Other film credits include Dakota’s Summer and starring roles in Trick Or Treat and Premier Amour. Jennie is involved with various social and environmental causes and at the age of 11 she became the youngest board member of a global non-profit that benefits children in desperate situations. She loves living in New Orleans, but she remains an avid fan of the football team the Houston Texans.